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When going about the creation of a future world, one should think about the “what if” As in, what if trump was assassinated. This then creates a world within the future which we can build upon. Another example would be what if it turned out trump never lied and it was all a democratic media conspiracy. Simple what if questions give rise to seemingly endless threads of the universe, furthermore after walking down one of those threads we can continue to ask what if questions to further create our universe.

According to Alex Mc Dowell (2016) “world building is about understanding a world deeply enough in all of its that stories spring stories spring almost effortlessly from that”. Alex McDowell suggests that a future world be based on a great deal of research and prediction from experienced people in each field to create future reality and not science fiction. So, when storytelling, he recommends beginning with a well fleshed out world, based on current research and knowledge, to ensure that any story taking place in this world has a strong foundation to operate upon.

An interesting point made in class was that whilst asking these “what if” questions and building futures may seem fictitious, when considering the multiverse theory in which nearly every possibility is infinitely exhausted in different planes of existence, it doesn’t seem too fictitious to consider “what if trump was assassinated”. And so how does one create a world? It begins with simple questions like the place, time, basic rules, and states of social and economic operation. From there one can begin creating a timeline, giving background to the rules and aspects of their world. Using this template I attempted to create my first world:

What if: VR was banned?

In 2022 VR’s use is widespread. 64% of the population uses it and 13% of them spend more than 11 hours on VR platforms every day. Asian countries are adapting to this change, with new jobs being created within the VR worlds allowing people to play VR professionally. European countries are somewhat adapting with many people playing and using VR yet maintaining their work life aswell. America’s economy starts failing, as the disenchanted population seeks to escape what has become of their country. America is unequipped to deal with this change and so unemployment runs high and the workforce struggles to uphold America’s debts. The government is faced with a choice, raise tax higher to compensate for the lost workforce or ban VR, deal with the backlash and hope in sometime the economy will return to working order.


2022: VR is Widespread

2024: US Govt bans VR, Mass population protest and rebel, the US fights the rebellion with force

2024: US Has almost won war against rebels. Russia senses weakness in America and plans to attack. Out of fear American Govt slips into dictatorship, ordering people to work and conscripting en mass to prepare for war.

2025: The people of America feel hopeless, military efficiency dwindles with the disenchantment of the population. China stages a coup in America, overthrowing the government and “freeing” the American people.


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