Project Direction

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I’ve decided to undergo a digital based 360 degree display. I toyed with the idea of having a 3d environment painted on the inside of a physical dome which one could wear but the idea quickly became infeasible and had many issues with its production.

In my previous studio project I attempted to create a 360 environment using cubemaps and photoshop. I will attempt to do the same here. The last time presented many issues including:

Difficult to stitch up
Massive rendering times
Massive uploading times

I will attempt to work around these issues in photoshop. There isn’t a great deal of resource on how to get around this, and I’m going off a blog post someone made showing how they turned a 2d room into a 360 environment for youtube. If this method doesn’t work I may end up changing my project to a 3D cad environment with painted models however that would defeat alot of the purpose in my project.

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