Game Of Thrones World Building Review

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The world building within game of thrones is outstanding for its size and detail. The size of the world has been quoted by George RR Martin to be around 2900000 square miles. Or around the size of africa. Yet nothing feels barren. There’s settlements, villages and activity everywhere. However this isn’t the interesting part in George RR martins fictional world. What’s more interesting is the fine balance between political intrigue, mystery and war that propigate the world.

Each landmark is so easily distinguishable. With a unique appearance, feeling, climate and ecology. For example the wall is a huge snowy dark collosus tearing the land in half. Whereas the capital kingslanding is an expansive crawling city of golden dwellings and spires. The ecology suggest bright and summery climates and the people have a unique feeling to them. Contrasted with the more spanish feeling of dorne, with vines crawling up the walls, sweltering deserts and thick accents. The cities feel so rich and well thought out that the stories which spring out of them are at home, embedded within the setting perfectly.

I really enjoy how each setting is completely unique from one another. Yet they are all part of the same story. And this is why George RR Martins world building is genius. It’s impossible to mix these worlds up however they balance perfectly on each chord of the story. Every story world in Westeros and Essos feels visually, culturally, and thematically distinct—and yet it all ultimately fits together.

Another fantastic aspect is that of religion. Again, each city fits religion into it seamlessly. With architecture, monasticism and reflective rankings of society based on the different beliefs. For example kings landing holds the septum. Whereas the norse worship the old gods. The iron islands worship the drowned god and so on.

These aspects all come together and fit like puzzle pieces to demonstrate George RR martins expert world building. I would like to use some of the ideas here in my 360 vr world. I would use the aspects of buildings and architecture being tailored towards culture etc…

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