Fantastic Mr Fox World Building Review

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“The ability to develop an imaginary setting with an atmosphere that helps bring viewers into the story” – this is the definition of world building which Wes Anderson has fully realized.

Wes Anderson uses the tone of his movie to push the boundaries of reality. While the movie is set in a reality quite similar to ours, and while most of the occurrences in the film could also occur in our reality(aside from the talking animals), they probably wouldn’t. Which, alongside the lighthearted tone of the movie, pushes the world into a more surreal reality. Meaning nothing that occurs stands out as absurd or impossible just unlikely and dreamlike. In my project I will be displaying a 360 water world, so in current tenses this would be classes as surreal because it seems unlikely that any city would need to be built upon water. However I will not be using any upbeat or light hearted tones, it will be a serious critique of how I think technology and social classes are likely to develop. And so I won’t be able to push the boundaries as wes has done here, as if I did it would come off as too lighthearted. The environment needs to feel possible, gritty and honest whilst maintaining a balance of surreal prediction.

Wes excellently uses characters to inform the viewer of the world around them. They explain nuances and help build the plot amongst a bright and well thought out Environment. In a virtual reality the viewer becomes the character meaning without narration it removes the ability to craft a story within the world using characters. One must rely on queues and concepts within their built world to summon a narrative inside the viewer/character. If the virtual world is too far from ours, then the environment will be too difficult to obtain a story from. Because of this I may need to tone down the “futuristic” and foreign feeling which has seemingly become common ground among paintings and creations depicting a future world.

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