Beasts of the Southern Wild Worldbuilding Review

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Beasts of the Southern Wild was an extremely good movie. It’s a gripping view into the world of poverty, but not from a first world standpoint. It’s set in a bayou territory, where there’s a small village amongst a wetland called the bathtub. It’s tightknit and off the grid.

The world is shown from the perspective of a child called hushpuppy, with the antagonist and protagonist simultaneously being her father. The film floats between the real and the surreal, often showing hallucinations and vividly poetic visuals to portray certain messages or emotions.

However the interesting part of this movie is the world it’s created in. While it’s set in poverty, and while there are no punches pulled when it comes to the reality of each character’s situation, we feel a sense of pride in the world. The occupants don’t pity themselves like we would expect to see in a movie depicting poverty. The world reflects this sense of self respect, with a proud village, and unique well thought out cinematography.

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